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About our Foundation

For nearly three decades Lynnette Bukowski served as an Ombudsman and Volunteer Advisor to Families at myriad Naval Special Warfare Commands, and had the privilege of providing guidance and support to many young Warriors and their families. As the wife of a 32 year Veteran Navy SEAL, she learned well the unique life and needs of a Special Operations Forces family. She is now an author, speaker and mentor, the mother of three, the foster mother of 15 special needs children (now grown), a creative professional and an unexpected widow.

Providing a secure and confidential place for our Warriors to come home to is her duty and privilege going forward.

Landing Zone Grace (LZ-Grace) provides a place of respite for combat weary warriors and their families. The goal of this family farm is to provide a sanctuary of rest, renewal and hope to Special Operations Forces (from all branches of the military) transitioning from combat to life at home. Brother to brother, husband to wife, family to family - around the dinner table, at the fire pit, spending time with horses and companion dogs, tending to home-grown gardens and farmland, kayaking, reading, playing hard or just resting – the need to isolate may lesson, the stress will dissipate and a solid new beginning will be found through and with each other.

For more information, please email: Lynnette@lz-grace.com.